2022 Structures Congress (Atlanta)
  • Dane, K., Sweeney, M., Otten, Z., Buttimer, M., Mazzotta, G., “Business of BIM: Common Pain Points in a Digital Design Revolution”
2021 Structures Congress (Virtual)
  • Dane, K., “Practical Applications of Emerging Technology”
2019 Structures Congress (Orlando)
  • Hause, P., Bolduc. M., Dane, K., Gayer, A., Odeh, D., “BIM Contracts: Risky or Risk Management Tool?”
  • Dane, K., Aucoin, D., Buttimer, M., Casey, K., Gayer, A., Martin, D., “Business of BIM Debate”
2019 BIMFORUM Conference, Las Vegas, 2019
  • Ikerd, W., “Concrete BIM, Fast Track, Design-Build Hospital, Fabricating Rebar with Changing Design”
  • Bolduc, M., “Parametric Engineering to Remove Uncertainty & Save Money”
  • Hause, P., “LOD & Concrete: Scope, Schedule & Fee”
  • Gayer, A, “Best Practices for Model Review”
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