GA Rassati

Gian Andrea “G.A.” Rassati is an associate professor of structural engineering at the University of Cincinnati, where he is the director of the Civil Engineering Graduate Program.  He received his education in Italy, culminating in his Ph.D. at the University of Trieste in collaboration with faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He then held a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota and has been at the University of Cincinnati since 2002.  He has been involved with the SEI/CASE Joint Committee on BIM for several years and has been spearheading new educational models and paradigms to introduce BIM into civil engineering and structural engineering undergraduate curricula.  He is a member of several other technical committees: he is the past chair of the ASCE/SEI Technical Advisory Committee on Metals, he is a member of the ASCE/SEI Committee on Structural Connections and of the ASCE/SEI Committee on Composite Construction.  He is also a member of AISC Task Committee 5 on Composite Construction, he is a member of RCSC and chairs Task Group 1 of the RCSC Specification Committee.  He is also a member of ASTM Committee F16 on high strength bolts.  His expertise are steel and steel-concrete composite structures, structural connections, bolted connections, lateral force resisting systems, and bolting technology.